Belt Sanding Services At PSENG

What Is Belt Sanding?

Belt sanders are multiuse tools. They are commonly used for trimming to a scribed line, sanding very rough surfaces, leveling surfaces like a replacement board in a hardwood floor and freehand rounding and shaping. Because they have a lot of power and can handle coarse grits, they excel at the rapid removal of wood.

Benefits of a belt sander

Belt sanders are the big, powerful gorillas of the sanding world. Few tools can save you as much time—or wreck your project faster. 

1. Perfect for scribing

A common use for a small belt sander is scribing. You can gradually sneak up on a curved line for a perfect fit. On a laminate countertop, make sure the direction of belt travel pushes the laminate down.

2. The Top Tool for Rough Flattening

Belt sanders excel at the rapid removal of wood, making them the best handheld power tool for leveling and smoothing rough boards. Start at an angle to the grain for aggressive leveling, then finish with the grain. 80-grit is good for starting, then switch to 120-grit.

At P and S Engineering we are masters of all forms of surface grinding. Our equipment and our expert machinists can provide tight-tolerance surface grinding on all materials and coating and plating. Our team has the experience and knowledge to assess the ideal ways to perform surface grinding operations and tailor every process to the needs of each part.  We welcome all types of surface grinding jobs, from simple or flat surface grinding to the most complex parts. We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations