Benefits of aluminium Coatings

  • Price: Compared to processes that deliver similar results, aluminizing is more cost-effective in practice.
  • High yield strength: Aluminium is one of the most ductile metals on earth. It affects yield strength positively.
  • Variety of application: Aluminium coatings can be applied to mild steels, low alloy steels and high carbon steels.
  • Oxidation resistance: The aluminium coating forms two layers that protect the steel core. On the very surface, a thin aluminium oxide layer is formed. Underneath, the aluminium is mixed with steel and silicon, which is added in the aluminizing process in small quantities. Below that, there is the steel core which retains its original yield strength and other material properties. The aluminium coating prevents the steel from reacting with the oxygen and other harmful elements and acts as a barrier and protector.
  • Sulfidation resistance: The coating does not only protects the steel core from oxidation but also from H2S, SO2 and SO3 attacks.

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